HERE WE ARE

“Branko Radičević” is a secondary vocational school located in Ruma, a town in Vojvodina, a multicultural and multilingual region of Serbia. Our employees are highly motivated for cooperation and they wish to integrate new experience into their work. We educate economic technicians, legal technicians, technicians of clothes making, waiters, cooks and hairdressers. We wish to cooperate with colleagues from both region and Europe. We welcome all types of cooperation contributing to further educational improvement of our students and teachers.

Since Serbia is included in Erasmus+ projects and receives students and teachers within this program, we invite our colleagues as well as other interested parties connected with education to cooperate with us. We can provide job shadowing for teachers (including all educational profiles), as well as professional practice for students in different companies and institutions our school cooperates with.  There is also a list of courses we provide in our school in connection to our school’s educational profiles. We also successfully organize interesting and diverse cultural visits. We arrange accommodation and food service according to your wishes and needs. We are interested in all topics regarding current strategic goals in education.

Classes in our school are held in modern and equipped classrooms, specialized classrooms and workshops. The school currently has over 500 students. Among them, there are a lot of children of Roma nationality and children with special needs. Also there are around 80 employees. 60 of them are teachers who work with and take care of the students. The school has enough space for students, including classrooms, specialized classrooms, workshops, a kitchen, a restaurant and a hair salon.


According to the curriculum, our students have practical classes that last for five days, several times per year. They visit different government institutions on the local level, courthouses, Social service center etc. as well as lawyer offices and various private companies and attractive hotels and restaurants. Helping employees with their work, our students can apply their theoretical knowledge and gain valuable experience.


When talking about extracurricular activities, we would like to mention Tolerance club – a discussion group which has been involved in the breaking of prejudices and stereotypes. Moreover, each year within Tolerance club, our most hardworking students travel to Switzerland together with their teachers for two weeks.  Upon return, as a consequence of the good relations that were established in Switzerland, there is an exchange of students with the country from our discussion group.

We made the intercultural exchange with the Gymnasium from Slobodskoy, Kirov Oblast in Russia. The exchange was organized in the form of job shadowing. There was also a return visit and we were hosts on the same principle.

We have been present in Erasmus+ program from the very beginning. Out teachers are fully trained and experienced in project management within this program. We have become a model school in our surroundings thanks to examples of good practice and good coordination. We are the first school in Serbia which received students on internship in cooperation with NGO ”Stil mladih”. Our school cooperated in training.  In this way we gained valuable experience in one part of Erasmus+ program which is currently becoming more and more popular in Serbia. (2019-1-PT01-KA102-060533). Our town is attractive for cooperation because we have qualified educators, great hosting and overall service in this type of program.

Projects we did within Erasmus+ program 2017-1-RS01-KA102-000031(Vocational education KA102)

/As a partner school in project 2018-1-RS01-KA202-000410 Be creative- secure your future; in cooperation with Naučni centar za kreativni razvoj IDEALL, Novi Sad.


-We stand out for our knowledge (Po znanju se izdvajamo) 2019-1-RS01-KA102-000560. We are currently doing this project.

We cooperate with Portugal, Italy, Croatia and we are in contact with Greece, Romania, Turkey and Slovenia. We welcome all forms of future meetings and co-operations.

You can find out more about this program on our website under the heading Erasmus+.

Internship offered by our school:

  1. Trainings and job shadowing for teachers, students and other interested parties related to education in the fields of hospitality, national cuisine- food and beverage.
  2. Job shadowing in the field of fashion, sewing and tailoring in a well-equipped workshop. Possibilities of co-operation with local textile companies where our students have practical classes.
  3. Training and job shadowing at our school’s hair salon and possible co-operation with the most popular hair salons in Ruma where our students also have their practice classes.
  4. Teacher training named “How to work in a vocational school” offering practical experience of highly motivated and experienced teachers.
  5. IT training (in co-operation with another company)
  6. Serbian language courses
  7. German language courses
  8. English language courses

Tourist offerings of Ruma can be seen on this link http://rumatourism.com/en/

Tourist offerings of Novi Sad (35 km from Ruma) can be seen on this link https://novisad.travel/en/



Tourist offerings of Belgrade (the capital, only 50 km from Ruma) can be seen on this link http://www.tob.rs/en

Possible tours of Fruska Gora (visiting monasteries and wine houses) https://fruskac.net/en/tourism/wineries

Visits to Sirmium (today Sremska Mitrovica), one of the ancient capitals of the Roman Empire.